Why you should share more humanized photos if you want more free followers on instagram

There are 8000 likes hit on instagram every second and more than 40 million photos are shared on the same social platform each day. That means that your every single photo has a potential to attract millions of likes and viewers on instagram. Unfortunately, most people get only a few likes and a few dozens of people following them. But that should never be the case if you start to post human relatable photos more often.

Sharing photos that people can connect with or photos with emotional appeal are more likely to attract people than those that look duplicated and or seemingly serious. Business and office related photos for instance do not always attract free likes and free followers. Instead, people are more likely to follow someone that they can relate to. They are likely to follow you if you post beautiful photos that are not only unique but photos that are also posted at the right time. To get more followers, post pictures in the evening once people are out of their jobs.